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    Hi, I’m new to the forum and have a question which is probably very easy for most of you guys to answer and please forgive me if an answer is already posted within the forums which I have searched.
    I have a four week old PC running Windows 7, mainly used by my kids. I installed a free 4 week trial of AVG Internet Security, at expiry I un-installed it and decided to rely on Microsoft Security Essentials which I downloaded
    It ran it a system check and the scan which was fine. I noticed there was a service pack update which I updated and my PC then automatically restarted.
    Then the problem. Windows now needs a password but I’ve never set a password!!
    Having tried F8 on start up and looked and restarted with different options within the menu, I get nowhere. I do not have a system restore point
    Do I have to reload Windows 7 from the DVD the retailer gave me or is there another solution?
    Any help would be appreciated

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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