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What’s New With Microsoft’s Power Platform – August 2023

It was a busy August and I took the long weekend off, so I’m a few days late to cover everything that’s new with Microsoft’s Power Platform in August 2023. Either way, let’s get started with the most interesting Power Platform updates that came in August, say goodbye to the summer, and here is hoping...


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Everything you need to know about Power Platform – March 2022

To tune down the madness of March 2022, Microsoft’s offerings to the Power Platform community span changes to the model-driven app experience, an introduction “GPT-3” (what runs the “Ideas” in Power Apps), and some previews of some new independently made app connectors. March has been a great month to be a low/no-code developer, so let’s…

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What’s New with Power Platform – December 2021

Happy New Year and warm wishes to everyone as we move into 2022 together. Microsoft continues to spoil us with continued updates to the platform as we look to hold true to our New Year’s Resolutions. Say no to spreadsheets. (No excel as a data source) Release wave 2 for Power Platform is wrapping up…

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What’s New with Power Platform – November 2021

Microsoft Ignite kicked off this month with positive news for Power Platform with developers and Microsoft Teams continuing to be the focus. New connectors, artificial intelligence, and a much-needed makeover for Power BI, all new in Power Platform for November. Hope you enjoy all the latest updates!  Why isn’t your app in Teams?  With Teams growing at…

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What’s New with Power Platform – September 2021

Automate together Collaboration has now become much easier in Power Automate. The new co-presence feature will allow multiple users to edit a flow simultaneously. If you have ever used Excel or Word online collaboration, you will recognize the new user icons next to the save button that indicate all of the users editing the flow with you. There…

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Everything You Need to Know About Power Platform May 2021

With Build being this month a lot of the announcements came out via Build and while it is a developer conference I would say most of the stuff is not traditional dev focused. I would also mention that almost nothing here is applicable today, they are more where are we headed. Speaking of headed, if…

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Everything You Need to Know About Power Platform – December 2020

Welcome to 2021. After a crazy year that saw the pace of change in Power Platform accelerate, December was a relatively quiet month. Which was nice and had visions of catching up dancing in my head. Well, that failed, I am as behind as ever. Anyway, you do not care. All you want to know…

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How to Push Data via PowerShell to PowerBI

PowerBI has quickly become a top platform for data analytics within the Office 365 set of applications. With the ability to consume data from a variety of sources, manipulate, visualize, and publish that data, PowerBI stands out as an easy to use and powerful data visualization platform. With the ability to utilize PowerShell as a…

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Everything You Need to Know About the Power Platform – September 2020

With Ignite being this month there is a lot going on but let us be clear. The most important announcement this month is Project Oakdale. That is the code name of the Power Platform directly integrating with Microsoft Teams and it is a major game-changer. I will try to cover more than just that but…

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Everything You Need to Know about the Power Platform – July 2020

Teams is now the center of the SharePoint world and it is working to become the center of the Power Platform universe.

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