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This Week in IT

Join Russell Smith, Editorial Director of, to take a look at the most important news for IT pros in the past week.


Latest Episode: Unmasking Windows Recall: Microsoft’s Security Overhaul

This Week in IT Episodes

Windows Recall at Build 2024
Episode 115 Jun 14, 2024

Unmasking Windows Recall: Microsoft’s Security Overhaul

This Week in IT, I look at changes Microsoft is promising to bring to its controversial AI feature, Windows Recall, that should help calm concerns that the data it collects might be used for nefarious purposes. Links and resources Episode Overview This episode of This Week in IT is about Windows Recall, a new AI...

Datacenter networking servers
Episode 114 Jun 7, 2024

Unlocking New Possibilities: Microsoft’s VCF License Mobility Unveiled!

This Week in IT, Microsoft announces license portability for VCF customers, stepping up to an agreement announced between Broadcom and GCP earlier this year. I look at what the new deal involves and how it might help VMware customers. Links and resources In this week’s episode:

Microsoft Team Copilot participating in a meeting
Episode 113 May 31, 2024

Unlock Productivity: Team Copilot New Features for Microsoft 365

This Week in IT, imagine having a personal assistant for your entire team, automating tasks, managing meetings, and enhancing collaboration effortlessly. Microsoft’s announced a big update to Copilot, which is based on OpenAI’s ChatGPT, that is set to supercharge team productivity. Thank you to Semperis for sponsoring this episode of This Week in IT. Download...

Surface device performance compared to Apple M3 MacAir
Episode 112 May 24, 2024

Unleash the Power of AI with NEW ‘Apple-Beating’ PC Hardware

This Week in IT, Microsoft announces new Surface PCs with Snapdragon X Elite and X Plus chips that are set to rival and even beat Apple’s M3 SoC. Plus, there are 20 new Windows on Arm devices being launched this summer by partners and a new Windows AI feature that is already causing controversy. Thank...

Image of a calendar and information from Microsoft Places
Episode 111 May 17, 2024

Revolutionize Teamwork: Discover Microsoft’s Places App for Hybrid Teams!

This Week in IT, I look at a new Microsoft Places app that it promises will help solve flexible work challenges for hybrid teams. The app lets you build connections and improve workplace experiences with intelligent technology, creating a hybrid work environment that’s responsive, cheaper to manage, and that gets results for your team. Thank...

A computer screen with email messages
Episode 110 May 10, 2024

Microsoft Announces Big Changes for On-Premises Exchange Server

This Week in IT, I cover everything you need to know about Microsoft’s new edition of Exchange Server, which is due to launch in 2025. Exchange Server will follow a similar path to on-premises SharePoint and the new edition will also bring with it some new features. Thank you to Semperis for sponsoring this episode...

Microsoft OneDrive
Episode 109 May 2, 2024

OneDrive and Dropbox Leave Google Behind with New Offline and Collaboration Features

This Week in IT, there’s an announcement about Dropbox integration with Microsoft 365 that leaves Google Drive without a major feature that’s in demand among Microsoft 365 users. Plus, Microsoft delivers on promises they made last year, bringing OneDrive web integration with the offline sync client for Chrome-based browsers. Thank you to Semperis for sponsoring...

Teams Discover feed hero
Episode 108 Apr 25, 2024

2 NEW A.I. Features Unleashed in Microsoft Teams and Edge

With the latest updates to Teams and the Edge browser, Microsoft has included two new AI-powered features that are designed to help you get work done faster and stay focused on what’s most important. This Week in IT, I look at how these new features work and how they are paving the way for more...

Microsoft Loop
Episode 107 Apr 19, 2024

Microsoft’s NEW Loop Feature to Challenge Notion

Microsoft Loop is the next best thing since… well productivity and note-taking app ‘Notion’. This Week in IT, I look at how Microsoft is planning to challenge Notion and how current features are building towards a big update that customers have requested from Microsoft. Links and resources Transcript Microsoft Loop is the next best thing...

Windows 11
Episode 106 Apr 12, 2024

Revealed: The Cost of Staying Secure on Windows 10

This Week in IT, I look at the recently announced pricing for ESUs on Windows 10 if you want to stay secure beyond the end of support date in October 2025. Plus, the different ways you can get the updates and what it means for your organization. Links and resources Transcript This Week in IT,...

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