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This Week in IT

Join Russell Smith, Editorial Director of, to take a look at the most important news for IT pros in the past week.


Latest Episode: Windows 11’s Latest Twist: What You NEED to Know About the September Update!

This Week in IT Episodes

This Week in IT Episode 82
Episode 82 Sep 22, 2023

Windows 11’s Latest Twist: What You NEED to Know About the September Update!

This Week in IT, September’s bringing a fresh wave of features to Windows 11. Discover what’s changing and why it matters in my deep dive. Plus, Microsoft 365 Copilot is coming for commercial customers – we know the date, and Azure Update Manager is now generally available, and Microsoft Planner is getting personal. Transcript This...

Security Authenticator
Episode 81 Sep 15, 2023

Microsoft 365 MFA Cracked: Are You at Risk from W3LL Hackers?

This Week in IT, is your Microsoft 365 tenant vulnerable to the W3LL Phishing attack that bypasses MFA? Stay tuned as I look at the risks and how to protect your users. Plus, get the latest updates on Windows 365 and OneDrive, and there are major changes coming to Outlook and printer support in Windows....

Microsoft Teams
Episode 80 Sep 8, 2023

This Week in IT: Microsoft Teams Client for Mac Gets a Major Update

This Week in IT, are you a Microsoft Teams user on a Mac? Then you won’t want to miss this game-changing update! Stick around to find out what’s changing. Plus, Microsoft releases a new Group Policy analytics tool and Loop components are getting a new feature for developers. And all the rest of this week’s...

Microsoft Teams
Episode 79 Sep 1, 2023

Slack vs Microsoft: Au Revoir Teams?

This Week in IT, are you ready for a big change coming to Microsoft 365? From Teams’ surprising move in Europe to a game-changing update for multi-tenant collaboration. Plus, a CPU glitch that might be causing Windows 11 to crash—stay tuned, as I’m breaking it all down! Transcript This Week in IT, are you ready...

Microsoft Edge
Episode 78 Aug 25, 2023

‘Edge for Business’ Supercharges Browser Profiles and Brings New IT Controls

This Week in IT, Microsoft officially launches Edge for Business, bringing with it updates to browser profiles and new controls for IT. Plus, Windows 365 is coming to VMWare Horizon, admins get a new control for Windows Update on Windows 11, and all the rest of this week’s announcements…. Use the timestamps on the YouTube...

Microsoft Planner hero approved
Episode 77 Aug 18, 2023

Microsoft 365 ‘Roster Containers’ Upgraded Integration

This Week in IT, I look at how Loop and Planner use ‘roster containers’ (aka lightweight Planner plans), an alternative to Microsoft 365 Groups, which now support sensitivity labels.  Plus, Microsoft Stream brings support for collaborative notes in Teams meetings, Intune Remote Help now works on Android, and Loop users can add Jira and Trello...

Microsoft Loop hero image
Episode 76 Aug 11, 2023

Simplified Loop Deployment and Windows 365 Switch Enters Preview

Microsoft makes Loop easier to deploy and releases an app in the Store but is Loop too complicated to use? Plus, Windows 365 Switch arrives in preview, Windows 11 is getting support for the Azure Attestation Service, and all the week's important IT news.

This Week in IT
Episode 75 Aug 4, 2023

Microsoft Teams: Deploy Teams 2.0 with M365 Apps!

In this week’s episode, I discuss news about Teams version 2.0! Microsoft has announced plans to make the new client app more widely available. Plus, SharePoint gets a makeover, say goodbye to insecure protocols in Windows 11, and much more… Check out This Week in IT and make sure you subscribe and hit the bell...

Microsoft Edgehog
Episode Jul 28, 2023

Microsoft 365 Backup – Is Your Cloud Data Secure?

Is your data in Microsoft 365 as secure as you think it is? It depends. As Microsoft 365 Backup goes into preview, I look at the solution and whether you need a separate backup of your cloud data. Plus, changes to WSUS and new Windows Autopatch features hit general availability. Transcript Is your data in...

Microsoft 365 Copilot
Episode Jul 21, 2023

Microsoft 365 Copilot Pricing Revealed

When Microsoft 365 Copilot was announced earlier this year, it generated a lot excitement. And now we know how much it’s going to cost. But will organizations be ready to pay? Plus, all the top news stories from the past week. Transcript When Microsoft 365 Copilot was announced earlier this year, it generated a lot...

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