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Feature Image 350x210 – 10 Best Practices OD

10 Best Practices for Secure Backups

Secure backups start with proper planning. With cyberattacks lurking around every corner, we all have a role to play in security. Worried about the safety of your backups? Confident you can reliably restore your data after an attack? Environments of all sizes require resilience in order to survive one. Join us as we dive into…

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Feature Image 350x210 – Top 7 Microsoft 365 Recovery Considerations

Top 7 Microsoft 365 Recovery Considerations

Recoverability isn’t a given with Microsoft 365. The fact that organizations need to back up their Microsoft 365 deployments has been well established. However, as important as backups might be, there is one critical item that always seems to get left out of the conversation. That item is recoverability. What you’ll learn: Microsoft 365 data…

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Navigating Third-Party Patching Challenges: Best Practices and Common Pitfalls

Third-party patching complexities getting you down? Navigating remote work setups, patch quality concerns, and overlooked apps can be a headache. Don’t let these challenges leave your cybersecurity vulnerable to data breaches. If third-party patching is a struggle for you, join our webinar to learn: Proven strategies to tackle third-party patching challenges Common mistakes and pitfalls…

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From Chaos to Compliance: Mastering Your Patching Strategy

Ensuring compliance with common standards and regulations is vital for maintaining the security of your organization’s IT infrastructure. Yet, with evolving regulations and complex IT environments, ongoing compliance is challenging for IT teams. Join this webinar to learn: The importance of patching for preventing data breaches and reducing cyber risks Key compliance frameworks (PCI DSS,…

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Feature Image 350x210 – Embrace the Breach Now

Embrace the Breach Now and Protect Your Business from Ransomware Disruption

With cyberattacks evolving, companies have spent millions of dollars on improving their defenses. There have been improvements in stopping threats, but many still get through and cause damage and downtime. Instead of striving to prevent breaches, join this webinar and learn why you should focus on attack resilience and embrace the hacks as learning opportunity….

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Feature Image 350x210 – Learn How to Beat Ransomware

Learn How to Beat Ransomware with Trusted Backup

There is no bigger threat to the technology landscape than ransomware. In this session, a Veeam expert will overview some key tips and tricks to survive your next ransomware incident. The reality is there are 2 types of people in this world: those who have fought ransomware and those who don’t yet fully understand the…

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Security in Action: Achieve Compliance and Block Attacks with Privileged Access Management

The concept of identity has become crucial in ensuring security, highlighting the importance of privileged access management (PAM) as the foundation of modern identity and access security measures. In this webinar, Josh McDonough, Lead Solutions Engineer at BeyondTrust, will delve into why PAM is at the core of Identity Security and why a comprehensive PAM…

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Ultimate Cyber Battle: Hacker vs Netwrix Privilege Secure

Prepare to be captivated as Brian Johnson, a skilled white-hat hacker, embarks on a daring mission to infiltrate privileged accounts, with intentions ranging from illicit data acquisition to espionage and disruption of critical systems. The burning question lingers: Will he succeed in his audacious endeavors? Secure your front-row seat at the exhilarating Hacker vs Netwrix…

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6 Steps to Effective Microsoft 365 Licensing Optimization

Keeping track of Microsoft 365 licensing for your organization can be a painful, time-consuming, and frustrating endeavor. Microsoft does a great job innovating and offering new products, however, keeping up with these licensing changes and managing new license SKU’s can be a full-time job without an automated reporting solution. Therefore, Microsoft 365 licensing optimization presents…

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Standing Privileges: A Growing Concern Your Organization May Be Overlooking

You’ve taken steps to segment your network to prevent lateral movement but what happens if just one user account gets compromised? The results can be disastrous: data breaches, crippling downtime, and costly compliance fines. Don’t underestimate the power of properly managed user access! Learn about a game-changing approach to privileged access management (PAM) with Netwrix…

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