Ultimate Cyber Battle: Hacker vs Netwrix Privilege Secure

  • Webinar
  • Ultimate Cyber Battle: Hacker vs Netwrix Privilege Secure
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Prepare to be captivated as Brian Johnson, a skilled white-hat hacker, embarks on a daring mission to infiltrate privileged accounts, with intentions ranging from illicit data acquisition to espionage and disruption of critical systems. The burning question lingers: Will he succeed in his audacious endeavors?

Secure your front-row seat at the exhilarating Hacker vs Netwrix live cyber battle, where you will witness firsthand the meticulous step-by-step unraveling of various common attacks. We will all get see in real time how well Netwrix Privilege Secure defends against multiple attacks, including:

  • Abusing the local admin access commonly granted to far too many users to do things like dump cleartext credentials from memory.
  • Sneaking in an extra “backdoor” local admin
  • Moving laterally from one compromised system to gain local admin rights everywhere
  • Abusing wide-open RDP access to remote into a system with admin access and then dump out a copy of the AD database or exfiltrate sensitive content
  • Using Pass-the-Hash to authenticate via RDP
  • Performing a ticket-stealing attack
  • Using a password spraying attack to discover accounts that haven’t been logged into in a long time and might well have weak passwords