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Guide: Getting Started with Zero Trust Security in Microsoft 365

Zero Trust is a security model that can be applied to Microsoft 365. It focuses on improving security by verifying and testing both the identity and device before granting access to resources. You can think of Zero Trust as a way of working, wherein you take it for granted that every user and device accessing...

Last Update: Aug 29, 2023


Microsoft Uncovering Hidden Risks podcast

Microsoft Relaunches Uncovering Hidden Risks Podcast

Uncovering Hidden Risks is a new monthly podcast from the Microsoft Security team that looks at taking the data security conversation beyond compliance and classifications. How do you protect data but still make sure people are productive? Host Erica Toelle talks to Microsoft and industry experts about reducing the risk of data breaches by taking…

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Why You Need to Create an Incident Response Plan

To effectively handle various types of security break-ins, many organizations have created an incident response (IR) plan. In this article, I’ll explain what is an incident response plan, how it differs from a disaster recovery plan, and what steps you need to follow to create an effective IR plan for your organization. While most businesses…

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Microsoft Introduces SQL Server Information Protection Sensitivity Labels

Last Update: Jul 22, 2022

Microsoft has announced a new data protection feature for its SQL Server tool. The new capability enables organizations to classify and protect SQL Server data with Microsoft Information Protection (MIP) sensitivity labels. If you’re unfamiliar, Microsoft Information Protection is a unified solution that enables customers to discover, classify, and protect data based on its sensitivity…

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Microsoft Announces Public Preview of Azure AD Multi-Stage Access Reviews

Microsoft has launched a new multi-stage access reviews feature for Azure AD customers. The new capability is currently available in public preview, and it enables organizations to configure access reviews in sequential stages for resource owners and auditors. Microsoft’s Azure Active Directory access reviews feature allows organizations to set up policies to review users’ access…

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Microsoft Office Mobile Apps Now Support Co-Authoring Encrypted Documents

Microsoft has announced that its Office mobile apps now support co-authoring documents encrypted with sensitivity labels. This capability has been available on the Office desktop and web clients for a while now, and it’s finally making its way to the iOS and Android versions of the app. With the new co-authoring feature, the Microsoft Office…

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Microsoft Intune App Protection Policies Get Improved Targeting Capabilities

With Microsoft Intune Service Release 2109, released the week of 27th September 2021, there have been some significant improvements in how targeting for App Protection Policies can be achieved. These new capabilities come alongside an array of new Intune capabilities available in this new update. What are Microsoft Intune App Protection Policies? According to Microsoft,…

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Disaster Recovery and the SolarWinds Exploit

One of the biggest malware attacks in recent history was the SolarWinds exploit where malware was spread through SolarWinds’ software update process to thousands of government and private sector customers. SolarWinds is a well-known provider of IT management products and their Orion infrastructure monitoring and management platform was the product that was attacked. Automatic updates…

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