Starting the VMware Web Service

In our article on How to Install VMWare Server, we encountered an error on installation about the VMWare Web Service. In this article, we will learn how to resolve that error and get the VMWare web server started.

In the installation, we received the error that the install could not start the VMware Management Interface website. This is because we are running Windows XP. The Windows XP IIS web server is limited to a single website. There is already a default website and that is preventing this second website from starting. To resolve this error, go to Computer Management for your PC. You can do this by going to Start à Settings à Control Panel à Administrative Tools à Computer Management. Once the program is started, tree out Services and Applications à Internet Information Services à Web Sites. Here you will see the VMware Management Interface and it will be stopped, like this: To resolve this, simply click on the Default Website and click the STOP button toward the top of the screen, like this: Now, click on the VMware Management Interface web site and click START on the top of the screen, like this: This problem is now resolved. Close out the Computer Management interface. Open your web browser, browse to http://localhost:8222. Accept the security certificate and you should see the VMware Management Interface website, like this:


By successfully accessing this website, you have proven that this IIS conflict issue, from the Installation, is resolved.

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