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Microsoft MVP and MCT - Passionate IT Professional from the Netherlands. During the day a consultant and speaker. At night a fervent blogger and Microsoft Forums fanatic. Winner of the 2007 Microsoft Netherlands Speaker Talent contest and valued speaker by Microsoft Netherlands for the past fifteen years.



Mitigating Identity-Related Risks With Windows Hello for Business and Seamless Single Sign-On (SSO)

These days, document theft and data siphoning are common for most ransomware gangs. Because digital theft is different from analog theft, digital security should be different from analog security. In this article, we’ll explore how Windows Hello for Business and seamless single sign-on (SSO) can help organizations to mitigate many identity-related risks. We’re holding on…

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Cloud Computing

Zero Trust: How Azure Active Directory and Identity Management Enable Cloud Security 

After the successful SolarWinds attack in 2020 where attackers gained access to Microsoft’s systems, Microsoft changed its approach and aligned with the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s (NIST) zero trust architecture. In this article, we’re going to detail how Microsoft’s zero trust approach leverages Azure Active Directory and Identity and Access Management to enable cloud…

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