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Renowned as the creator of the acclaimed Petri IT Knowledgebase back in 1999 Daniel Petri has become a distinguished figure in the IT realm, recognized for delivering reliable, expertise-driven content. This website - www.petri.com - not only embodies Daniel's extensive technical skills but also stands as a symbol of his dedication to sharing knowledge and guiding professionals through the dynamic world of information technology.

Over the past 25 years, Daniel Petri's career is characterized by his unwavering commitment to quality IT training, provision of diverse solution architectures, and maintaining a customer-first approach that ensures high levels of satisfaction. Daniel's client-centric mindset has always been a cornerstone of his career, delivering concrete results that spur his clients' growth and success. Daniel's strong technical writing skills are evidenced by the thousands of technical documents, help guides, manuals, and articles he has penned, all drawing from his broad IT and security-oriented background.

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Microsoft’s Blunder: Upgrade to Office 2016 and Lose Skype for Business

For some customers that use Office 365 or Office 2013 and try to upgrade to Office 2016 apps, they may lose Skype for Business.

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Windows 10 Ignoring the Hosts File for Specific Name Resolution

Modifying the HOSTS hosts file causes your computer to look directly at the IP address specified in it. This is useful, for example, when you want to test a website before going live with a public DNS name, or when you want to prevent your computer from resolving a DNS name, thus preventing it from reaching it.

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Resolving “Namespace is already defined’ Group Policy Error in Windows 10

Learn how to resolve the “Namespace is already defined” Group Policy error in Windows 10.

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Creating a GPO Central Store in Windows Server 2012 R2

Daniel Petri shows us how to create a GPO central store in Windows Server 2012 R2 for easier management of policy settings.

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Identify Malicious Phishing Attacks with Outlook Conditional Formatting

Learn this easy tip on how to help identify phishing attacks in your organization by implementing conditional formatting in Outlook.

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A Simple Way to Clean Install Windows 10

Learn how to perform a clean installation of Windows 10, while keeping the free upgrade benefit for Windows 7 and 8.1 users.

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3 Ways to Disable a Network Connection in Windows 10

Learn three quick and easy ways to disable a network connection with the command line in Windows 10.

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Using Sysprep in Windows 10

Learn how to use sysprep in Windows 10 to automate the deployment of Windows operating systems.

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Activating God Mode in Windows 10

Learn how to activate God Mode in Windows 10 to make configuration easier across applications.

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A Tip to Free Disk Space in Windows 10

Learn how to use Microsoft’s Disk Cleanup tool to free disk space in Windows 10.

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