Securing Enterprise Devices: Embracing Zero Trust Security

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The excessive use of digital devices in enterprises and their exposure to various networks have increased the probability of cyber-attacks. Enterprise-owned devices contain confidential data that hackers can easily access if devices are not controlled efficiently, and that can cause damage to the values and reputation of the organizations. Thus, data security is now of significant importance in all businesses, but this is where a mobile device management (MDM) solution like AirDroid Business can help.

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What is zero trust security?

Zero trust is an advanced high-security implementation model for insider and outsider threats to the organization’s devices. It ensures access to the organization’s network and devices only by authorized and authenticated end-users with continuous evaluation to secure all the business endpoints. The model is based on the latest technology to overcome remote working issues, malicious attacks, and other modern challenges that today’s businesses face.

It is incorporated by following critical factors of NIST recommendations like continuous verification of devices, automation, and limiting the blast radius. Zero trust framework ensures identity verification using various latest terminologies like multi-factor authentication, cloud, and mobile security.

Why does your business need zero trust security?

Businesses need a zero trust security model to ensure data security and streamline processes. Here are some incredible benefits to explain the need for zero trust security.

Enhanced security

Devices are secured using the proactive approaches of zero trust security. Zero trust works on the principle that no device or system can be trusted by default. It ensures the authentication and flexible monitoring of devices and applications used on company-owned and managed smart devices. Zero trust significantly improves security by reducing the risk of cyber-attacks and data breaches.

Protection against insider threats

Devices are exposed comparatively more to insider threats and they are also challenging to analyze. Insider threats can seriously impact the company’s reputation in the market with leaked information. Zero trust ensures the mitigation of insider risks by continuously monitoring devices to detect unauthorized access. It helps administrators to analyze the behavior of searches and types of applications used on the devices. 

Secure remote access

Remote access to devices in organizations helps streamline remote jobs and activities. Zero trust security enables enterprises to remotely access devices and perform various operations without compromising security. It ensures well-managed and efficient access control limits and policies for secure working.

Compliance requirements

Every industry has specific regulations that relevant organizations have to follow. To comply with such security policies, zero trust plays a productive role by providing data encryption, multi-factor authentication, access policies, and continuous monitoring of device activities.

Protection against advanced threats

A zero trust security model uses the latest technology and it has the power to enhance the capability of organizations to fight various malicious threats. Remote device monitoring and zero trust’s strong threat detection ability help minimize damages. 

AirDroid Business MDM solution for zero trust security

AirDroid Business is a sophisticated mobile device management solution to ensure businesses’ security, management, and productivity. It is an all-in-one toolset to meet the company’s requirements. AirDroid Business has been adopted in almost all industries, with excessive use in retail, transportation, healthcare, education, MSP, and hospitality.

AirDroid Business provides application management, device management, location tracking, Kiosk mode and policy, and remote monitoring and control of devices with customizable security policies to reach all your company’s endpoints. It is widely accepted by IT due to smooth unlimited device enrollment with pre-defined applications, features, and security policies.

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Why should you use AirDroid Business?

You can use AirDroid Business’s key features to enhance the security of enterprises on Android devices.

Passcode policy configuration

AirDroid Business supports various security policies with fully customized options. Admins can set strong password policies on the devices to allow only authorized users to access them. Data encryption, remote lockdown, multi-factor authentication, and setting password limits are a few options.  

Network security configuration

With AirDroid Business, admins can view network status and data usage to identify app usage. It enables them to configure network security policies to limit end-user changes in the organization’s network to comply with various security standards.

Endpoint protection policies

AirDroid Business also supports endpoint protection by remotely locking down the device when it is unused or in unsafe hands. In case of theft or loss, admins can track real-time location and remotely wipe or factory reset the data.

Secure app distribution

AirDroid Business ensures secure application management. It helps admins to create groups and provide access to apps according to their needs so only authorized users can access specific apps. They can also add specific apps to the devices to make them purpose-oriented.

Kiosk lockdown

You can set devices to kiosk mode with customizable settings. The single-app kiosk feature enables enterprises to run only a single app on all enterprise devices while using multi-app kiosk mode to run multiple applications on devices. 

Black screen mode

With AirDroid’s black screen mode, enterprises can remotely display a black screen on the devices and display content ‘the device is under maintenance’ so that end-users cannot perform any action, ensuring company-sensitive data stays private as well as a smooth remote operation for your IT admins. It is mainly done when devices are left unattended by the end users.

Automated compliance alerts with workflows

AirDroid Business allows enterprises to set various alerts to be notified when something uncertain happens. It also enables them to set workflows to automate tasks triggered by multiple alerts, which can be the availability of new software updates, devices leaving the set geofence, devices being in a low battery state, etc. 

Centralized monitoring and management

AirDroid Business provides admins with a centralized console to remotely monitor all enrolled devices’ activities. It is a cost-effective method to recognize system defects or network and remotely troubleshoot devices by eliminating the cost and time of traveling. AirDroid Business ensures the best device and application management by remotely selecting applications to run on enrolled devices and by creating groups to manage each device’s access level.


With the increasing demand for mobile devices, the need for adequate enterprise security also increases. To secure businesses online, managers should stay up-to-date with emerging security threats and the advanced tools to keep businesses safe from cyber-attacks.

Zero trust security is a progressive framework that helps businesses automate security and ensures device verification and safety measures before authorization with the company’s network. And AirDroid Business provides a remote monitoring facility so enterprises can manually check device activities to enable double security checks.

Zero trust security is only valuable if enterprises deploy a reputable software solution; otherwise, its effectiveness will be compromised. Start a 14-day free trial for more ways to secure enterprise devices.