Copilot in Microsoft Teams Now Supports Multi-Turn Conversations

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Key Takeaways:

  • Microsoft Teams has added support for multi-turn conversations with Copilot, live translated captions for webinars, and custom profile pictures.
  • Microsoft Teams meetings are getting features like multi-account support, the ability to hide the general channel, and context-based file attach suggestions.
  • Microsoft Teams Phones now support AI voice isolation, call history sharing, and a busy on busy end user setting.

Microsoft has published a recap of all the new capabilities added to Teams during the month of April 2024. The company has enhanced the chat and meeting experience with multi-turn conversations with Copilot, live translated captions for webinars, custom profile pictures, and more.

Chat and collaboration features

For starters, Microsoft detailed a couple of enhancements to the chat and collaboration experience in Microsoft Teams. The Copilot AI assistant in Teams chats and channels has added support for multi-turn conversations. The feature allows users to ask follow-up questions to a Copilot response such as “Explain the second point in the summary.” Microsoft Teams has introduced multi-account support for government customers.

Microsoft Teams allows users to hide general channels in order to reduce clutter in the channel list. Moreover, users can set a custom profile picture for Teams group chats, making it easier to find a specific chat. Microsoft Teams now offers context-based file attach suggestions from OneDrive and SharePoint.

Copilot in Microsoft Teams Now Supports Multi-Turn Conversations
Multi-turn conversation with Copilot in chats and channels (Image Credits: Microsoft)

Enhancements to Teams meetings

Microsoft Teams has added a new feature that allows users to manage calendar notifications for upcoming meetings from their activity feed. The Teams admin center allows IT admins to control how people in their organization use the Copilot AI assistant for meetings and events.

Additionally, Microsoft Teams town halls now support live translated captions in up to six different languages. Microsoft says that organizers with a Teams Premium license can choose up to 10 languages. Microsoft Teams town halls indicate new notifications for questions or replies with a red dot beside the Q&A icon.

Copilot in Microsoft Teams Now Supports Multi-Turn Conversations
Calendar notifications in Microsoft Teams (Image Credits: Microsoft)

Microsoft Teams Phones and other updates

Microsoft Teams Phone customers can leverage AI-powered voice isolation capability to suppress background noise. Furthermore, Microsoft has added new incoming call setting options for Teams Phone mobile users. Users can also manage call forwarding settings through the home screen of the device. Other capabilities include shared call history for call delegation, busy on busy end user setting, as well as call on behalf of the call queue.

Copilot in Microsoft Teams Now Supports Multi-Turn Conversations
Voice isolation (Image Credits: Microsoft)

Last month, Microsoft announced a couple of new Teams-certified devices. These include the Yealink UH35 headset, the Bang & Olufsen Cisco 950 MS earbuds, and the Dell WL7024 headset.

Last but not least, Microsoft has introduced a new setting that lets administrators limit presenter role permissions within their organization. This feature can be used to prevent presenters from performing certain actions such as controlling attendees’ mics and cameras, removing participants, lowering hands, and changing the roles of other participants.