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Paul Thurrott’s Short Takes: Microsoft Earnings Special Edition (January 2020)

Because Microsoft announced its most recent quarterly earnings this week, this edition of Short Takes is going to obsess over the results, with a deeper dive into key parts of the business.

Last Update: May 29, 2024



Fixing “Windows cannot connect to the domain” Errors

Last Update: Apr 29, 2024

Daniel outlines the 2 methods available to use in order to repair “windows cannot connect to the domain” errors.

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Clear Logs in Windows Server Backup Console

Last Update: Jan 05, 2024

Windows Server Backup on Windows Server 2008 R2 is an excellent backup utility that takes care of safe backups of just about anything on your Windows Server 2008. As one would expect, a convenient log of all of these backups is kept but it is not very apparent how one clears this log. The following article describes the few simple steps to clear the log.

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Password Control and Bulk Modify for Active Directory

Last Update: Sep 19, 2023

One of the most tedious day-to-day tasks for Active Directory administrators in medium to large organizations is the management of user accounts and their respective information, things such as resetting user passwords, clearing account lockouts, updating of phone numbers and additional information. It’s true that in Windows Server 2003/2008, Active Directory Users and Computers allows…

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10 Tools Every Network Administrator Should Have On Their Thumbdrive

Last Update: Oct 03, 2022

Wesley David outlines some of the best tools and utilities every Network Administrator should have with them at all times.

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Microsoft Acknowledges New Netlogon Issues On Windows Server Machines

Microsoft has acknowledged a new Windows Server bug that prevents select apps or network drives from establishing secure Netlogon channel connections. The company confirmed on the Windows health dashboard that this problem is caused by the January Patch Tuesday updates. And it impacts all supported versions of Windows Server (via Bleeping Computer). What Is NetLogon?…

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How to Fully Patch the PrintNightmare Vulnerability

Image Credit: Microsoft If you are an admin and have been scrambling the past week to patch the PrintNightmare vulnerability, you are not alone. The messaging around this zero-day has been confusing with Microsoft saying they have a solution, industry experts saying it’s not effective, and now Microsoft saying “you’re patching it wrong”. Microsoft isn’t…

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Everything You Need to Know About Windows – January 2020

In January we finally said goodbye to Windows 7 SP1 and Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1. Microsoft made its new Edge browser generally available, fixed a search bug in File Explorer, and started rolling out Calls in Your Phone for Windows 10 19H1 and newer.

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SCARY: “Atom Bomb” Windows Security Hole said to be Unfixable

Windows has an unfixable security flaw. That’s the frightening conclusion of this researcher, who says he can inject code—at will—into browsers and other Windows apps. It affects all versions of Windows released in the past 16 years, he says. And it can’t be patched, without breaking legitimate desktop apps. It could be bad for containerized server workloads, too…

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Microsoft’s New Patching Philosophy Sacrifices A Few For The Many

Microsoft is making a big bet by changing how it will patch older versions of Windows with a goal of reducing the complexity of the Windows ecosystem but will it pay off?

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