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Richi Jennings Contributor



SCARY: “Atom Bomb” Windows Security Hole said to be Unfixable

Windows has an unfixable security flaw. That’s the frightening conclusion of this researcher, who says he can inject code—at will—into browsers and other Windows apps. It affects all versions of Windows released in the past 16 years, he says. And it can’t be patched, without breaking legitimate desktop apps. It could be bad for containerized server workloads, too...

Oct 31, 2016


Microsoft Surface Studio Dials it up to 11, as Apple Weeps

Microsoft launched its Surface Studio all-in-one desktop at the Windows 10 event yesterday. Here’s what people are saying. Just don’t mention the iMac. In today’s IT Newspro, we mention it once, but we think we got away with it...

Oct 27, 2016


Microsoft claims “Breakthrough” in Speech Recognition -- “Human Parity”

Microsoft Research says it’s made a major breakthrough in converting...

Oct 19, 2016

Cloud Computing

DoJ v Microsoft: Feds Still Want to Snoop on Irish Cloud

Microsoft’s fight to keep its European customers’ data private is...

Oct 17, 2016


Microsoft HoloLens is Now in These 8 Countries (but Still Super Spendy)

Microsoft HoloLens is now available in six more countries. Redmond wants more businesses and developers to get going with its augmented-reality Windows headset. As well as the U.S. and Canada, it’s now in four European countries and two down under. That’s where Microsoft is targeting developers next. You can get it in November, if you pre-order now...

Oct 13, 2016

Cloud Computing

Microsoft Cloud AI Tests Turing Institute -- Data Science Meets Machine Learning

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella is talking up the company’s cloud chops in artificial intelligence. Azure and Office 365 are chock-full of machine-learning facilities, he says. Over the past few days, he’s appeared on stage in Dublin and London, preaching the gospel of AI and FPGAs. And now Microsoft’s donated Azure credits to a UK research consortium that specializes in data science...

Oct 7, 2016

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