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Brad Sams has more than a decade of writing and publishing experience under his belt including helping to establish new and seasoned publications From breaking news about upcoming Microsoft products to telling the story of how a billion dollar brand was birthed in his book, Beneath a Surface, Brad is a well-rounded journalist who has established himself as a trusted name in the industry.


Surface Duo 2: Better Hardware, Same Productivity

The Surface brand is full of products that tried something different. The classic Pro put a different spin on a tablet, the Studio with a twist on the desktop, and then there is the Duo, the two-screen foldable that is Surface in name but it does not run Windows. When I took a look last…

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Surface Laptop Studio: Building a Better Mousetrap

Several years ago, Microsoft took to the stage in New York City and unveiled the Surface Book, a device that was the pinnacle of Surface. It was a laptop, a tablet, a do-all, be-all device that the company hoped would set the brand apart as being ambitious but also establish that it was able to…

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Surface Pro 8: Better in Nearly Every Way

If there is one device that defines the Surface brand, it’s the Pro. The hardware is the backbone of the lineup and it is the best-selling Surface to date but the last couple of revisions have been modest, to put it lightly. But the Pro 8 is finally answering the calls that have been growing…

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Surface Laptop Studio: Microsoft’s New Portable Workstation

Today, Microsoft is unveiling its refreshed lineup that includes updating most of the products in its lineup. But the company is not only refreshing hardware, they are announcing an entirely new product – the Surface Laptop Studio. The Surface Laptop Studio is the child of mixing the Surface Laptop, Surface Pro, and Surface Studio into…

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Microsoft Refreshes Surface Lineup with Duo 2, Pro 8, and Go 3 and More

For fans of Surface, today is a good day. Microsoft has announced a significant refresh to its lineup that includes a brand-new laptop called the Laptop Studio as well as a refresh to many of its products that includes the Surface Pro 8, Duo 2, and the entry-level Go 3. The refresh across the lineup…

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Windows 11 Arrives October 5th Without Android Apps

Earlier this year, Microsoft announced Windows 11 with a refreshed interface, new widgets, and an updated store. But to run the new software, Microsoft moved the baseline specs up significantly from what is required to run Windows 10, and today, the company is sharing the launch plans for the OS. Microsoft has announced that Windows…

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Microsoft Finalizes Windows 11 Hardware Requirements

Back in June, when Microsoft announced Windows 11, the company received praise for the interface and scorn for the lack of clarity about the hardware that could run the OS. Generally speaking, to run Windows 11, you need a device with an 8th gen Intel chipset or newer or from AMD, a Zen 2 chip…

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GET-IT: Advanced Microsoft 365 1-Day Conference is Today

Petri’s GET-IT: Advanced Microsoft 365 1-Day virtual conference is a full day of free learning dedicated to deep technical Microsoft 365 content to help you understand the tools available, how to use them, and understanding best practices too. Throughout the day you will hear from Microsoft MVPs and industry experts about how to take advantage…

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Microsoft announces Price Increase for Microsoft and Office 365

Microsoft’s Office 365 suite is the crown jewel of Software-as-a-Service. The productivity suite was launched a decade ago and now has more than 300 million paid commercial seats and today, the company is announcing a price increase for many of the tiers of the service. During the past decade, Microsoft has improved the suite by…

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Microsoft’s Investment in Rubrik is a Shakeup for the Industry

Microsoft and Rubrik are announcing today an agreement that will likely shakeup the industry. Rubrik, a company that provides data protection, ransomware, and backup solution has entered into an agreement with the Redmond tech giant that involves equity investment. The reason that this is a significant arrangement is that with its cloud, Microsoft uses a…

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