Microsoft Loop Adds New Filtering Capabilities to Tables and Boards

Microsoft Loop

Key Takeaways:

  • Microsoft Loop has added support for filters to Tables and Boards.
  • Users can now easily organize and analyze large quantities of data within Loop Tables and Boards.
  • The filters feature also extends to Board components and third-party integrations such as JIRA and Trello.

Microsoft has released a new update for its Loop app that should make it easier for users to find and access relevant information. Microsoft Loop users can now apply filters to the content in Loop Tables and Boards.

Microsoft first announced its Loop app in November 2021. The new productivity app, which is built on the Fluid framework, helps users manage tasks, projects, and documents with team members. Microsoft Loop has three main elements: Loop components, Loop workspaces, and Loop pages.

Microsoft highlights that the new filters feature is designed to promote efficient data exploration and analysis within Loop Tables and Boards. Filters improve the overall user experience and promote deeper insights extraction from large quantities of data.

Microsoft Loop Adds New Filtering Capabilities to Tables and Boards
Microsoft Loop filters (Image credits: Microsoft)

How to use filters in Microsoft Loop Tables and Boards

To use filters in Microsoft Loop Tables and Boards, users will need to follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Log into the Microsoft Loop app and select a table-based component in an existing Loop page or create one.
  • Navigate to the operations bar at the top of the Table and click the Filter option.
  • Choose a column, condition, and value to create one or more rules for the filter.
Microsoft Loop Adds New Filtering Capabilities to Tables and Boards
Create rules for filters (Image credits: Microsoft)
  • Click the Apply button and observe the filter icon, which displays the number of rules applied to a specific Table.
  • When users add or update rows in a filtered Table, the filter is flagged as “dirty” until they update it.
  • Microsoft Loop users can apply filters within the Board view as well as on all tabular and Board components.
  • Filters can also be applied to Task Lists and integrations like GitHub, JIRA, and Trello.

If users define multiple rules for filtering data, the filter will only display the data that satisfies all of these rules. Moreover, the filter will remain active even when switching between different layouts, such as the Table view and the Board view.

The new filters feature is currently available for all Microsoft 365 subscribers. It lets Microsoft Loop users quickly apply filters to streamline data management within Tables or Boards. Users can also easily update/remove filters as required and add rows within filtered tables. Microsoft Loop users have the flexibility to extend this filtering functionality to synced components (like a Task List) or third-party integrations such as GitHub, Trello, and JIRA.

Last month, Microsoft released a new update that allows users to create Power Automate-backed rules to automate time-consuming tasks. The process automation capability is supported in tables, table-based components (like voting tables and task lists), and board-based components in Microsoft Loop.