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Windows 2008R2 RDS farm – design and security configuration

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    Hi all, I have a DC with 2 machines with R2std installed. One of them, called is running all the RDS roles except for the RD Session Host, and has only the RD session host role installed. I am planning to add treminal02 etc later on, as required.

    The questions are:
    1. Is this a correct way of managing this sort of setup – a single gateway and a bunch of session hosts, or am I missing something?
    2. when my test users log in, they get to see all the software installed on the treminal01 host. Where do I define what they can and can not see? Does this have to be a global GPO definition, or can I do that through some RDS specific setting?
    3. I have the farm defined as “Terminals”. Set up a DNS A record for both terminal and terminal01 IP addresses to point to “Terminals”. was that the right way to do that, or do I only point to terminal (the RD gateway/broker) or to terminal01..N set of hosts?


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