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    This is probably quite trivial but I would like some assistance. My company has a single physical LAN with unmanaged gigabit switchs, 4x 48-port switches to be precise.

    Now everyone and everything is plugged into these. We have a AD 2008 domain setup with provides DNS and DHCP for /24. All this is fine.

    We recently had a VoIP company come in and install equipment and phones. That’s also running off our physical LAN but using a different subnet /24

    At the moment I am unable to connect to the VoIP management system without changing my PC’s IP to (or something in that range unused). As they’re on the same physical LAN and not seperated by a router how would I go about this? Also, if and when the subnets can talk, how can I limit each services DHCP servers to their own equipment?

    I’m guess I need to widen the subnet mask to but would like some advice.

    Thanks Guys!:confused:

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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