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    I have been trying to set up an Exchange server 2007 SP3 on a Windows 2008 R2, but so far, impossible.

    The error message when I am installing the HUB Transport role or the Client Access role:

    “…Error installation. Error code 3221685951. The remote procedure call failed…”

    I have a domain , and the Schema master is in the same site as the Exchange-to-be server. I point out this because I read they must be in the same site, so I moved the “Schema” FSMO with NTDSUTIL.

    On top of that, the Exchange server and the Domain controller are separated by an ISA Server, but I removed the “Strict RPC Compliance” feature in the rule which allows all the traffic between the DC and the Exchange.

    There is other DCs in other sites in my LAB environment, but I tested the replication among them with dcdiag /test:replication , and it seems to be working fine, along with other dcdiag switches.

    The firewalls are off in both the DC and the Exchange server .

    They can ping each other and the Exchange Server can log into Active Directory (I can see kerberos, ldap, … traffic in ISA Server).

    So, I would say there is no problem in the Exchange logging into Active directory through the DC, therefore, the ISA rule is working fine, in my view.

    I restarted all the machines involved, just in case, I performed ping over and over, I loggeg into Active Directory with other accounts and again the ISA showed kerberos,ldap traffic going through.

    I checked that the “RPC Server” was running on both the DC and the Exchange.

    At this point I am really stuck. :???:

    Thanks in advance!

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