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    Server is a Windows 2003 R2. Single server domain – about 8 PCs.

    When I was called in, there was no Anti-Virus software on the server, all of the PCs have MS Secuturity Essentials on them. First clue was a workstation stopping this virus when accessing the server for a shared file. The PCs seem to be defending themselves, but the server is not. (Oh and yes the server was being used as a workstation – by a person with full admin rights. I have advised the owner NOT to allow this again…)

    I installed Security Essentials (MSE) on the server (made the installer think it was XP) and ran check – found more than 1K files infected with the virus. MSE says it deisinfected them, but every couple of seconds, I get 10-15 more infection notices via the “real time” scan. I’ve tried scanning in safe mode – still persists.

    Here’s the problem – the owner doesn’t have the original Windows Server discs, nor can he afford to buy new ones, or pay me to rebuild the small domain. Since this is office, he also can’t afford to be down more than a weekend. So I’m looking for more effective removal tools that are free and will leave the server functional.

    This appears to be an old virus, but I can’t seem to stop it. Any help will be appreciated.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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