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    Hi all

    I cant get the issuer chain to work, and when i go onto the IIS website via https i cannot get the issuer to show up in the certificate path to accept it and add it to trusted CA’s

    i would get a 3rd party cert but its a very small organisation with a very tight fisted it budget!

    Please advise me if possible how to get it to show the CA. I would do it myself but our 2k3 server did it from day one so i never had to learn it. I tried making new certs but it didnt work. I have the .req file but when i submit it using the CA function it doesnt make a certificate.


    used the folloowing guide how-do-i-distribute-the-sbs-2008-self-signed-ssl-certificate-to-my-users which can be found in google (i cant post links yet)

    i then made the domain cert using IIS

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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