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    For most of my customers, I use Microsoft Intelligent Message Filtering (IMF) on the front end followed by GFI MailEssentials. I am very pleased with the control over spam that I am able to achieve. It was through this site that I learned to set up and configure IMF.

    One of the drawbacks to Microsoft IMF is the inability to fine tune it. If I set the SCL to 8, a lot of spam slips through the cracks. If I set it to 7, I get tighter control capturing spam but I always find myself looking in the Ucearchive folder for legitimate e-mail at the request of customers. It is not uncommon for this folder to fill with over 26,000 e-mails in a 30-day period and using IMF Archive Manager is very archaic.

    I recently discovered a program called IMF Tune which allows you to configure white lists and blacklists for IMF. It will also allow you to re-route e-mail that has been tagged as spam. You can filter based on recipient, sender, subject and body keywords.

    Here is what I did with one customer after a thorough test on my network:

    1. Created an account called SPAM
    2. Routed all e-mail with an SCL 7 or greater to SPAM
    3. Added the Mailbox – SPAM to all Outlook 2003 clients so they can search if they occasionally have a missing e-mail. This cuts down on IT costs for my customer.
    4. Went through all my records and built a white list based on e-mails sent to me in the past
    5. Set auto-archive on the Inbox for Mailbox – SPAM to delete after seven days.

    If a customer gets any legitimate e-mail tagged as spam, I have asked them to drag the e-mail to their Inbox and then give me the e-mail address so I can white list it.

    The cost for this was $148 U.S. for one server and 30 e-mail accounts. There are other licensing options.

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