Microsoft Introduces New Sentinel SOC Optimization Feature for Enhanced Cybersecurity


Key Takeaways:

  • Microsoft Sentinel’s SOC optimization offers tailored recommendations to identify gaps in data utilization and detect diverse cyberattacks, enhancing organizational security.
  • This new feature aims to assist security teams in effectively managing risks without compromising operational efficiency.
  • IT admins can discover this SOC optimization feature in the new unified security operations platform and the Azure portal.

Microsoft announced yesterday a public preview of SOC optimization for Microsoft Sentinel customers. The feature provides actionable tailored recommendations, allowing organizations to pinpoint data utilization gaps and thwart various cyber threats.

Microsoft emphasized the importance of security teams optimizing both processes and outcomes. They should consistently adjust their security controls to adapt to evolving threat landscapes and business priorities. The new SOC optimization recommendations feature is designed to help security teams close coverage gaps against security threats without having to spend time on manual analysis and research.

“SOC optimizations are high-fidelity and actionable recommendations to help you identify areas where you can reduce costs, without affecting SOC needs or coverage, or where you can add security controls and data where its found to be missing. SOC optimizations are tailored to your environment and based on your current coverage and threat landscape,” Microsoft explained.

Currently, the SOC optimizations feature provides two types of recommendations: data value optimizations and threat-based optimizations. The data value optimizations feature allows security teams to gain deep insights into their data usage patterns. It provides actionable suggestions to maximize security value from ingested data or propose improvements to the data plan.

Additionally, SOC optimizations include threat-based recommendations for adding security controls to thwart a range of attacks, including Business Email Compromise and Human Operated Ransomware. Moreover, IT admins can click a link at the top of the page to check out all SOC optimization scenarios. From there, it’s also possible to get a quick look at an approximate score for each of those attacks.

Microsoft Introduces New Sentinel SOC Optimization Feature for Enhanced Cybersecurity
Threat based recommendations – Azure portal (Image Credits: Microsoft)

SOC optimizations empowers automation with an API

Microsoft notes that organizations can also get access to SOC optimizations through the Azure REST API. For instance, the API can be used to get information about a specific recommendation or all existing ones. It also provides automation capabilities and seamless integration with existing processes and systems.

Microsoft notes that the new SOC optimization feature is currently available in the Azure portal and the unified security operations platform. Keep in mind that administrators must integrate Microsoft Sentinel with Microsoft Defender XDR to utilize SOC optimization within the Microsoft Defender Portal.