Top 20 Features in the New Microsoft Teams and Outlook


In this episode of UnplugIT, hosts Darrell Webster and Stephen Rose delve into the latest updates and features in the new Microsoft Teams and Outlook clients. The discussion begins with an overview of Teams’ global rollout and the various enhancements aimed at aligning it more closely with Outlook, such as drag-and-drop calendar support and new calendar views. They highlight the ability to zoom in and out during screen shares, chat embedded in the Microsoft Edge browser, and collaborative notes that now integrate seamlessly across devices and applications.

The hosts also explore the enhancements in Outlook, including the “Snooze” feature for emails, improved search functionality, and the My Day panel for better task management. They discuss the new collaborative tools like Loop components in Teams channels and support for chat forwarding, making communication and project management more efficient.

Stephen and Darrell share their favorite features and practical tips for maximizing productivity, like the Find Time calendar for scheduling and search improvements in chat and channels. The episode wraps up with a teaser for their upcoming coverage of the M365 Conference and an invitation for listeners to share their feedback and favorite features.

Tune in to learn about the top new functionalities in Microsoft Teams and Outlook and how these updates can enhance your workflow and collaboration.