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    currently have two servers, both running Active Directory (Server 2003)
    but one had a little problem, so that, I have restored it this morning back to 10th of July 2009, (monthly backup)

    so currently, dc1(primary) will not receive any updates from dc2(slave).

    As i have replmon opened for both servers
    dc1 (the restored domain controller)
    DC, Default -> Update USN: 1499218
    Replication Failure: Changes have not been successfully replicated from DC2 for 3 attempts.
    Replication Failure: the destination server is currently rejection replication requests.
    and the time.

    DC, Default -> Update USN: 7188586
    Replication Failure: Changes have not been successfully replicated from DC1 for 54 attempts
    Replication Failure: The reason is: The target principal name is incorrect.
    and the time.

    so that, i did a “dcdiag”, and it reported that replications inbound and outbound is disabled, to correct run the repadmin options dc1 -disable_in(andout)bound_repl
    but still fails to replicate.
    but that, replication inbound and outbound are disabled again.

    and that, i just tried browsing dc1, ‘\dc1’ from run
    and recieved “logon failure: the target account name is incorrect”

    help please, as it is primary/master DC of my dept, and running profiles, printers.
    and i can’t seem to work out whats wrong.

    if anymore more information required from me, then please ask!

    so that i noticed it has paused netlogon too, which is why i couldnt connect to dc1 by file explorer.

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