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    OK, so I have a physical server (2008 R2), running various node locked licenses, either by mac address or IP or disk volume serial.

    What I want to do is virtualize this (will use disk2vhd).

    I’m ok with the process of this, but my question lies in that I want to keep the same hardware as a host (limited hardware purchasing options)

    The plan is for
    1. two clustered hosts (2012 R2)
    2. shared storage between the hosts (iscsi)
    3. VMs including the one created from p2v

    Question – Will this work IF the original server is wiped, rebuilt on 2012 R2 with a new name, ip etc AND the nic that shares the MAC address with the VM is ONLY used for iscsi.

    i.e. the nic with contentious MAC will NOT be on the same LAN as that of the VM

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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