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    I’m running Windows Vista Home Premium, with XP Home being a Guest OS on Microsoft Virtual PC 2007.

    For some reason, I can’t seem to get the Guest OS to share my Host OS’ internet. I run on Dial-up.
    I did it by accident before, but I lost internet connection about 10 minutes later*, and when I reconnected, it stopped working.
    (*=Through no fault of MSVPC either, my ISP has an 8 hour connect limit, and I was near that limit when I got this to work)

    Network adapters is set up as to only having 1 with Shared Networking (NAT) set. Do I need a second one? Local Only? My Ethernet card?
    What about COM port? Do I need that set up to the port that my Modem is connected to?
    Do I need to do anything TO Vista to get this to work full time?

    Sorry if this isn’t enough info, I’m new to the whole networking thing.
    Reason I want to do this, is so that I can update XP.

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