MOM 2005 Alert Rules

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    Well since this new forum is here I might as well use it.

    MOM 2005 РWhat a $&*ӣ%!!!

    We have a management server setup fine, we have all the management packs installed, all the agents installed, Computer Groups setup. Everything is working fine with regards to alerts coming into the operator console, (there are probably a few too many, but we will sort this out over time).

    Now my problem…….Email Alerting !!!

    It certainly looks like I have to go through every single rule and apply the notification settings on each individual one, that cannot be right can it ?!?!

    Can’t I set one global alert rule for each management pack, that says any alerts raised in this mgpk (and it’s child folders), email someone. Surely this must be possible.

    Thanks Guys

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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