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    My enviroment is EXCH 2003 (EXCH2003_1 – cluster based) and Exch 2010 (EXCH2010).
    I have migrated all users to the Exch 2010 except service accounts.
    Also public folders are migrated and deleted from Exch 2003.

    I had to add a second Exch 2003 (EXCH2003_2) to my enviroment to get rid of the Exchange cluster.

    Unfortunately this caused some mailflow issue – when the mail is sent from internal system using SMTP to the EXCH2003_1 cluster, the EXCH2003_1 push the mail to EXCH2003_2 and the mail is stuck in the Local delivery queue on EXCH2003_2.

    Seeing this I have created a SMTP connector between EXCH2003_2 and my CAS servers but this did not helped.

    What could be the reason of that and how can force it not to use EXCH2003_2 for mail delivery.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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