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    I’m an administrative assistant supporting a group of about 20 tech specialists who frequently work off-site, be that as an out-of-state trip, or local travel.
    The managers like me to track who is going where, who’s in the office and who isn’t, so I tweaked an Excel calendar/schedule template to do so, then every day sending the Excel Sheet out as an e-mail attachment to my managers
    When we recently converted to Microsoft Outlook from another e-mail/calendar platform, I thought it would be a relatively simple task to create a separate calendar showing just the travel schedule (not their entire calendar showing each and every meeting/appointment they s schedule) for each team member that could be viewed but everyone in the department, but edited only by the administrative assistants, and maybe allowing each tech specialist to edit their own travel.
    It just make sense to me to keep a calendar on a calendrer and not have maintain an Excel file impersonating a calendrer and then have to e-mail the excel-calendrer to staff every day.
    But I’m running in to some trouble. So far, I’ve learned how to either create a new calendrer where I can enter items of general interest that would be relevant to the entire team, everyone in the department, or I can ask them to “share” their entire calendrer. But I can’t seem to find a way to do both. (That is be able to enter and share specific trip information (and only that information) with the department as an “overlay” type of calendrer on Outlook.)
    Below is a sample of how I have my Excel sheet set up, and would like to have something similar on Outlook.

    Any suggestions?



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    Jason Berg

    Travel- Dallas, TX
    Travel- Dallas, TX
    Travel- Dallas, TX
    Travel- Dallas, TX

    Ben Henderson

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    Local Travel

    Thanks For your help,

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