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    Although Ive seen a few posts about this Event ID, I was unable to find a similar issue.
    Ive got Server 2003 Enterprise acting as a PDC, running AD/DNS, but DHCP is handled by a Cisco ASA, serving approx 20 winXP users.
    Recently, the ONE XP 64bit machine, has been exhibiting this Event ID1053, upon restart, but NOT upon logoff/login. He can see and utilize all lan/server resources, even add printers from AD. Subsequent errors follow, such as time sync and so on….. all related to not being able to find the PDC.
    No errors are reported on the PDC Event Viewer. DNSdiag and NETdiag report no issues.
    Ive removed/re-joined the machine to the domain, removed both the machine AND the user from the domain; to no avail.
    My question is two-fold:
    1. Obviosly… how to fix this ?
    2. Why is it that when the errors occur, he can still use domain resources, and why does it NOT happen when the user logs off/on.
    Incedentally… this happens when ANY user logs on.


    Source: Userenv
    Event ID: 1053
    Type: Error

    Windows cannot determine the user or comupter name. (the specidief domain either does not exist or could not be contacted.). Group Policy processing aborted.

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