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    My Question: How do I configure the bridgeheads to not need manual intervention? I believe by design they are supposed to keep trying to communicate with each other until they come back up after a remote site power outage.

    In my case I could see the Event Log Error messages 1311, 1566, 1865 continually occurring every 15 minutes, even though both bridgehead servers were up and could ping each other. The only way I routinely solve this is by manually restarting the “Intersite Messaging Service” on one or both of the servers – a reboot of the servers doesn’t resolve the replication.
    Here some more info about my domain if it helps come up with an answer:

    I have one W2K3 domain across two sites. Short on $ and equipment so the remote office site only has one DC, we will call this DC03. DC03 is configured to be both the GC (Global Catalog Server) as well as the Bridgehead server for the remote site. Its replication partner is DC01 the bridgehead server at our primary site.

    The good new is that when I run a dcdiag report { dcdiag /s: DC03 /e} it gives me a perfect domain topology with no issues. I ran the dcdiag command (respectively) against the other DC’s and all looks perfect. Same with the RepAdmin command – all looks good.


    The remote site is prone to power outages and the occasional drop. So naturally my AD shows event logs regarding replication problems. Once power and LAN connectivity is restored I reboot DC03 but continue to get Error messages 1311, 1566, 1865 every 15 minutes? I can ping my primary site bridgehead from the remote bridgehead and vice versa. You can see their syntax of the 1311, 1566, and 1865 errors here on this other guys post http://www.itnewsgroups.net/group/microsoft.public.windows.server.general/topic8554.aspx I searched MS KB, Google, MS Live Search, and I get a lot of hits for Windows 2000 having that issue but not 2003.

    Since DC03 (the secondary site bridgehead ) was rebooted after LAN and power were back, I thought I would reboot the primary bridgehead to see if that solved the problem, it didn’t. Then I read a post about manually restarting the “Intersite Messaging Service” That worked! I think I only restarted the service on the primary site bridgehead, but don’t recall if I had also restarted it on the remote site bridgehead at about the same time.

    I’ve read: http://technet2.microsoft.com/windowsserver/en/library/c238f32b-4400-4a0c-b4fb-7b0febecfc731033.mspx?mfr=true but didn’t see an answer to my question there.

    I let AD auto config as much of the topology as possible from the get-go so I don’t think I have the site topology misconfigured – at least I feel it is unlikely. Thanks for your help.

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