Domain Sites And Trust

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    We have a site in leeds and site in london connected by an WAN. We are running windows sever 2003 in both sites. In the leeds site we have two domain controller and one in london

    DC1 has all the fsmo Roles
    schema owner DC1
    PDC role DC1
    doamin role owner DC1
    RID pool manager DC1
    Infrasteructure DC1

    DC2 it just a backup with DNS
    netdom query /domain:domain fsmo
    stay as DC1

    The london server has always replcaited with DC1. On running AD Replcation montior london is now replcaiting with dc2, Nothing has changed

    Why would this be the case?

    In AD sites and services The NTds setting is set to replicate to DC2 Can i change this here?

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