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    Hi I have a question regarding the future expansion of our VMware infrastrucuture at our school.

    We currently have 2 ESXi Hosts (HP DL380G5) which have embedded ESXi on the server. These are connected to NAS storage for their data stores.

    The backend will be improved and this will happen by replacing the NAS with a SAN, upgrade our esxi hosts to full ESX server rather than ESXi and introduce a 3rd host.

    Question I have is currently we have 2 HP DL380G5 hosts, I am undecided whether I purchase an identical host as the other 2 so adding a 3rd DL380G5 or could I go with the latest HP DL380 G6 server which works out more cost effective as I want to ensure there is no compatibility issues when using the advanced feautures of VMware such as DRS and Vmotion.

    We currently have the VSphere 4 standard agreement but will look at upgrading this to either Advanced or enterprise plus.

    Does anyone know what issues can happen when using a slight variant of host, If I introduced a 3rd host which has a faster processor and slight different architecture than the other 2. Could I run into problems when using features like Vmotion or can vmotion work fine with different variants of ESX hosts? I am getting mixed information from the suppliers I am talking to about this and I am struggling to find any VMware specific whitepapers on this subject.

    From other peoples experiences would I be better advised going for an identical 3rd host as the other 2 to ensure there are no issues with the advanced features of VMware?

    Any advice on this or access to VMware specific whitepapers would be most appreciated.

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