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    S1 — I am having a very confusing experience resetting my password. (
    S2 — In attempting it, I was first asked to supply an email address, which I got.
    S3 — Instead of a code, I directly “logged on” by clicking the link inside the email.
    Once “in” (i.e., after the click), I supplied a new password, which was accepted regardless of weak or strong.
    Then it immediately presented me with a new screen to login, leaving the screen in S1 untouched.
    When I login at this screen in S3, I get the error message “You are not allowed to access this xxx”.
    S4 — I go back to the screen in S1, and still the wrong password.

    I am sure there’s a correct way to do this, but I am falling short of understanding how it works.
    Would be grateful for some guidance.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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