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    thanks a heap for the guide “how to install AD on windows 2000”

    made it a lot easier for me to get a functional DC up and running!

    Ok a bit of background if I may..

    I had a domain controller running on windows 2000 server. It was doing DHCP, DNS and had shared printers and a shared folder for staff files. 5 desktops and 5 laptops connect to it. Everything was working great! then the AD db shat itself, I couldnt repair it and I didnt have a backup

    Note: yes, bad form, I will make sure I do backups properly from now on!

    So I had to reinstall the DC…. welcome DC2

    Installed windows 2000, got AD installed correctly. DNS/DHCP are working fine.

    Ok, everything is looking good. The only issue I have at the moment is user profiles. I never had roaming profiles as staff always use the same machines (in hindisite maybe I should have?)

    So on my desktop for example, I used to log onto DC1 as lesm-dhammond.

    On the DC2 I re-created my user account with the same name – lesm-dhammond – thinking that I could just log onto the new DC and all my settings, desktop, backgrounds etc would be there!

    Instead it has made a new profile called lesm-dhammond.dc2 which is a new profile.

    I dont mind transferring all my desktop items, wallpapers etc.. that stuff doesnt bother me. But one thing is my email. If I open up my outlook 2003 client it loads the new account wizard and my old mail is not there, of course, as its sitting in my old profile.

    I really dont want to have to export/import mail/contacts/rules etc for 10 people, as well as get all their pretty little icons and wallpapers transferred across.

    Is there any way I can migrate my old profile to the new? Or does this require roaming profiles to be setup originally?

    Could I simply log off the domain, log on locally as admin, then rename my new profile from lesm-dhammond.dc2 -> lesm-dhammond.old
    then rename my original profile lesm-dhammond -> lesm-dhammond.dc2

    I dont really want to fiddle too much as I dont want to screw my original profile

    any ideas/suggestions??


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