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    I have bought a new AOC 32″ monitor (2560×1440) to run on my main system, dual with a Samsung 24″ (1920×1200) and I am having trouble getting it to go to its native resolution. It is currently running as an extended desktop at 1920×1080. My system is a Core i7 with a Radeon RX460 graphics card which I would have thought would run the monitor fine (it used to run two Samsung 24″ AOK). I have tested the monitor on my DELL Xeon machine and it went to native resolution AOK but that machine has an nVidia card in it (Inno3D GT 430).

    On the old machine, I used a dual DVI-D lead but on my machine I used an HDMI to DVI-D and a DisplayPort to DVI-D … I don’t know if the leads are a factor. I have tried switching them around.

    The system recognises the monitor as a Q3279WG5B, it just doesn’t seem to recognise that it should go to 2560×1440. Has anyone got any suggestions before I try rebuilding my P?



Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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