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    we are changing (correcting) IP address range in our AD domain. We currently have all Servers and PC’s in the range,2552552550 (yes I know!!) so I’m moving everything to a new address range of 2552552480 (ie (all internal of course)
    I have added say as a secondary IP address on AD server(2003sp2) (so it still has as the primary IP for the sake of all the other clients for now!) and my PC is….. I can ping fine, and server can ping fine.. but can’t join the domain (a domain controller for the domain ABC could not be contacted) I have reverse entries in the AD’s DNS for each range eg:10.0.0, 10.0.1, 10.0.2 and so on.
    What else needs to be done before AD will accept my PC to it’s domain?
    IF I change my pc to, and DNS to, allows me to join no probs, DNS and PC as secondary IP – no go.
    seems that AD will only allow a PC to join if on the network and only if it’s a primary address. intend dropping off all together once everyone is over..
    Don’t want to change the AD server to as the primary address just yet for fear of breaking usage? if I do this for testing overnight? can I change it back without AD issues following it?
    any perls of wisdom would help..

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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