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    Challenge: Over the next few years we may have more and more different kinds of devices joining our network and using our resources, like our Internet connection and our server-based resources (such as file storage space). These devices may be iOS, Android, Chromebooks, Windows machines or Mac computers. We will also have office workers who require Windows-based infrastructure and perhaps OSX users who need access to our server infrastructure. Currently we employ a windows-centric server structure with authentication achieved through Active Directory but already face challenges with our Mac computers and our existing iOS devices.

    How can we change our server and network infrastructure to accomodate these changing needs?

    Your proposed solution(s) should answer these questions:
    How can we better secure and manage our wireless network to provide resources to teachers and employees quickly and efficiently and also provide Internet access to users (students and guests) who bring their own devices to campus?
    How can we manage the devices that connect to our network efficiently so unauthorized devices are not using resources and student activity on the network is monitored and safe (students are not accessing sites they should not)?
    How can we integrate OSX client computers, desktops and laptops, into our system efficiently?
    How can we provide storage space to teachers and students from on-campus and off-campus securely and via any device (tablet or computer)?
    How can we manage the devices on our network to deploy applications and services quickly and efficiently (deploying apps to iPads, pushing updates to Mac and Windows computers)?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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