2003 AD role seizure

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    This morning I was patching our DC which holds all of the master roles. When I rebooted the server it did not come back up properly due to a faulty floppy disk error and was down for about 20 minutes while I fixed the issue. This should not have been a problem (from my understanding) because our 2nd DC did not go down at any time. However, there were login issues, exchange was down, and probably several other AD related services that I didn’t even find out about.

    First question – is this normal when a DC holding master roles goes down? I think it may be because there is no PDC emulator available – but still this does not make sense.

    Secondly – why did exchange stop functioning? Both domain controllers were global catalogues so I don’t understand what Exchange was depending on from DC1.

    Lastly – had the issue on DC1 been more serious and I was not able to recover the server in a reasonable amount of time, would the best course of action have been to sieze all the master roles and then rebuild DC1 from scratch once the hardware was fixed?

    Thanks in advance.

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