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    I have a system running Server standard FE.
    Its actually part of a terminal server solution so there are only two computers in the network – that one, and a terminal server running server 2008 standard.

    There is a problem in that the C drive is running out of space, and upon investigation I have found that the WSUS folder is around 28GB in size, which is about 10% of the total drive size.

    Looking into it further, I found that the SUSDB database file itself is 26GB in size.

    I have been trying to research ways in which to lower the size of this file, but the only options I could find are running the cleanup wizard in WSUS console, and then running the shrink database option in SQL.

    The problem is every time I run the cleanup wizard, it runs for several hours, then crashes WSUS console – I get a prompt to reset the node, then I can run the cleanup again, after doing this a few times, it crashes and I can no longer connect to WSUS console without a reboot of the entire server.

    When I look in SQL management studio and select teh shrink DB option, it says there is only around 1GB free space that it can be shrunk by, which would leave it at 25GB.

    Is there any other way to shrink the size of this database?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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