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    This problem is hard to expain but I’ll do my best.

    I’m asked to build a Sharepoint with different sites and seperate rights for each site. I have made AD groups and gave these groups rights in Sharepoint.

    So far so good, each group that has rights on a site sees that site in the top nav bar and the ones they can’t access aren’t shown. This is good since the top nav bar couldn’t fit a 1280×1024 monitor anymore with all the sites visible in it.

    But when I give the users design rights on a site and they open that site the top nav bar suddenly displays all the sites on Sharepoint. They aren’t accesible so it isn’t a security risk but it looks sloppy. This can be explained because the design right gives you rights to alter the top nav bar for that site.

    In short:
    The users usually have 3 to 5 items in the top nav bar, when they click a site they have design rights to, all 10+ items are displayed. When they go back to a site they only have read rights to it goes back to the initial 3-5.

    What can I do about this?

    – Sharepoint Services 3
    – Windows XP/7 clients with IE8/9 in a Windows domain

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