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    I have a 32GB USB 3.0 pen drive that has just recently become Write Protected. It has NO write protect switch and I have added the appropriate entry into the Registry to try and dissuade it from being write protected. I would list the number of different things I have tried to fix this but I would probably exceed the number of characters allowed in a post however here are a few that I remember from the past 3 days (close to 20 hours searching and trying the option).

    Forgot to mention the format state of the drive shows up as RAW whereas it was previously NTFS. Also tried converting from RAW to NTFS and FAT32 plus had a go at a couple of methods (2 days ago and can’t remember what they were now) in a MacBook running OSX 10.10. It is a generic drive with a Phison controller and a Toshiba [MLC].

    (ALL attempts were done using elevated Administrator privileges)

    MBRFix (neat little app and it’s free)
    ChipGenuis (where most of the links for this app lead to sites selling toilet roll holders, bathroom taps, casino sites and multiple other scamming stuff) Tried flashing the firmware using the ChipGenuis info but the firmware using FlashGenuis but couldn’t write to the drive.
    EaseUS Partition Manager (funnily enough their data recovery program allowed me to potentially recover the unneeded files)
    Safe Mode Command Prompt boot and try to format from there
    LowLevel Format using different apps and it was REAL Low Level Format like on MFM and RLL drives (not the namby pamby stuff they call Low Level today. Brings back memories of those high speed Stepper HDDs; noisey bastards :) )
    HP Format tools
    Tomshardware – I think I tried all the options listed on their site and they do have quite a few! (scroll down to the bottom of the page in the link)

    Going to whip up a new Hiren’s Bootable USB full of Shareware and free programs (with Peter Nordahl’s excellent and updated password tool, and to try some Linux suggestions)

    Please do not go and spend time on this. I am just hoping someone can suggest something off the top of their head (please don’t mention hair :( ) that I haven’t come across or tried. Apologies for the short list but there really were a lot in Tomshardware and I tried multiple combinations. I am only trying because it is a 32GB drive and it is good for storing laptop WIM images on plus it also give me something to do (I appear to have watch all the pr0n on the Internet; sooooo many repeats :shock: ).

    If I don’t get any successful suggestions then I might waste some money on postage and see if I can sneak it back under warranty.

    Thanks for reading and PLEASE do NOT do any research for this. Only ideas that may occur to you as you read this. [ATTACH=CONFIG]n490492[/ATTACH] Ta.

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