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Word oddity (freezing/stuttering)

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  • tehcamel

    I feel like I’ve scraped the barrel on this, but maybe I’ve missed something.
    Word seems to randomly freeze/stutter when working on documents. There’s no pattern to the issue – it’s intermittent. Documents may be on the local file system, or on the network drive – it makes no difference.
    They are NOT big documents – all <1Mb in size, not filled with tables or images or anything. Pretty basic documents. There are devices that are the same within the environment without the same issue.
    It might happen with one document, then when it’s reopened, it won’t happen – so there;s no pattern to the document.
    There are no addins or macros in use.

    Client has a Windows 8 laptop, which originally came with O2010 trial, which has been removed. I have installed Office 2007 Enterprise, and all available patches for both OS and Office.
    When the issue first appeared, we ran a repair on office, which didn’t seem to help.
    Then we completely removed office, rebooted.
    Reinstalled office.
    The issue continued to occur.

    Based on the fact that nothing else on the laptop exhibited the same problem (outlook was fine while it occured, excel and other office applications didn’t have the problem) and the stuttering effect, we decided maybe it might be related to the video driver in some weird way (I’ve seen this before)
    So the video drivers were reinstalled, and all other hardware drivers and bios were updated.
    Problem persisted.

    I’ve now created a new profile on the computer for the user – the same issue occurs.

    the only thing I havne’t done is a full wipe/reimage of the machine – but these are commodity hardware from the lowest price, closest officesupplies superstore so I don’t have a corporate image I can deploy on it – usually they don’t even have restore CDs so I don’t know how I’d approach it.

    So – any suggestions would be keenly welcomed.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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