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    Hi all.
    Have a very odd issue here i can’t seem to figure out.

    Some back story: My company got bought by a larger one.
    As part of the integration process, we are moving users from our own Win 7 image to the new Win 7 image of parent company. We used to use Office 2010, they 2007. We are unable to install 2010 so are on 07 for the time being.

    Nominally after a new build is done on a machine, we’ve been using Easy Transfer to move profiles from old systems to re-map to the new ones.

    I’m thinking that in this particular case (user is on 2nd laptop now), there is something being xfered in the registry, though I’m not sure where yet, that is causing this issue.

    Issue is that the user will open a blank document in Word or Excel (predominately happens there), and after some typing (no hot keys being pressed, etc), Office Help randomly launches. Usually it’ll launch on a machine and you can still use other apps in the Office suite, but in this case it just causes some freezing.

    I’m currently collecting info (e.g. I don’t believe this occured while in office, so it may be a wireless kb or mouse issue, etc) but I wanted to reach out and see if anyone’s seen this before.

    I have been scouring the internet but have not seen this issue anywhere else.

    I’ve already gone in and done a few office repairs and detect and repair sessions to no avail.

    Update: User is using a MK700/MK710 version of the Logitech wireless keyboard/mouse.
    About to look into it’s software and any odd hot key combos it has.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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