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    Not what I would consider a critical issue, but it’s annoying nonetheless…

    The sidebar on my Windows Vista Biz install seems to have stopped working. I had it disabled for a while because I needed the desktop space, but felt the urge to play with it, and now some of the gadgets display as white squares, some don’t display at all, and some, like the clock, display a static image. I’m unable to modify the settings on any of the gadgets, as the little wrench used for doing so is not displayed.

    I’m not sure if it’s related, but the only thing that has happened to the system while the sidebar was disabled was some weirdness with IE and Media Player. Some months back (and I think I posted about this here but got no response…) IE stopped playing flash videos. I uninstalled and reinstalled flash, and the flash plug-in more times than I could count. Still, every flash object displayed as a white screen. Eventually I noticed that Media Player wouldn’t even open. Running the program from the start menu does nothing. Any video or media object displayed in a web page displays as a white object. I thought of uninstalling and reinstalling IE, but it appears you can’t do that in Vista, as it’s not listed as a component or program you can uninstall.

    I eventually switched to Firefox as my browser because I couldn’t resolve the issue, and it still persists to this day. Can anyone tell me whether the sidebar is tied to media player or IE, and if there’s any suggested fixes for the problem? I’m one of two IT staff at this company who are using Vista, so I’m the guinea pig, and I’d like to get this resolved, rather than just ignore it. Thanks in advance…

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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