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    Hi wonder if anyone could recommend something for my problem,

    We have 2 problems with our file server at present, the first one is that random documents are disapearing / being deleted and I’d like to try and find out who or what is deleteing them with date and time. This is spread accross many different folders and different security groups so I can’t point the finger at one area / group / person.
    The other problem is my 2tb drive which has 150gb left of free space is being eaten at some rate, only 6 weeks ago there was over 270 gb free and it seems to be increasing in size by 1-2gb nighly sometimes 10-20 GB on weekends.

    Iv’e searched our antivirus to make sure the missing docs are not in quarentine and had the SAN storage checked to make sure theres no faulty disk etc. but no joy. For the size increase i’ve been checking the incremental backups to see if theres anything obvious but again no such luck. The other problem being is our data retention is 3-6 months and these files that have been deleted are sometimes not discovered until after the date which the users find very frustrating. Have tried to configure auditing on but the amount of logs coming through is crazy and don’t always have the information I’m after.

    Does anyone have any recomendations or software that would be able to help with my problems?

    Thanks for any advice


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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