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    This is the second PC I bought from new where I had problems after a year or two with it failing to boot up properly by missing some of the startup programs causing the system to ‘ freeze’. Only this week did a couple of fellow radio HAMS pointed out it appears correctly the problem is caused by too many unnecessary programs being dumped without my permission onto the Startup system. So I downloaded a small free file from that sensibly expands the very limited function of Startup in the Control Panel.

    I was advised not to stop those from Windows / System32. As a result I was able to uncheck 13 of the 20 items as designated HKLM / Run, such as a number dumped by Abode. The PC has booted up perfectly now some 8 times over the past days. I understand the only purpose these startup programs serve is mainly to speed up access to them when needed, except allowing so many to accumulate probably slows down the PC anyway. Personally I am more interested in the PC booting up properly first time every time.

    Where it was not clear what purpose was served by some of these obscure files, I did take the trouble to search the net. I admitted some only served some dubious purpose for enhancing graphics and sound probably intended for expensive games. One it suspects is also used as a form of spyware. Anyway I have not deleted them only unchecked them.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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