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    Robert R.

    Windows 10 Version 1703 Build 15063.540

    I am setting up a Windows 10 home PC, with the following users

    • child01 (member of local users) (primary user) (first account created)
    • admin-child01 (member of local administrators)
    • parent01 (member of local users)
    • admin-parent01 (member of local administrators)
    • parent02 (member of local users)
    • admin-parent02 (member of local administrators)

    The login screen (1) prompts the last logged in user to enter a password, and (2) shows a list of users. See screen shot below.


    I want to configure the login screen show to (1) prompt the last logged in user to enter a password, and (2) allow the option to “log in as another user”, which would require the user to type in their user name; e.g., child01, parent01, or parent02. See screen shot below.


    I know this is possible, since that’s the way our Windows 10 laptops are set up at work ; and if it wasn’t a weekend, I’d be taking a look at them now for hints.

    The reason I don’t want all of the user names displayed on the login screen is to discourage the users from logging in with their admin credentials, rather than just using them for privilege escalation when necessary.

    Even better would be if there was a way to disable login with admin credentials, so that they can only be used for privilege escalation from a non-admin account. That’s something else I’m looking into.


    EDITED TO ADD : this is the first time in over five years I’ve used this forum. Is there a way to embed the images in the posts, the way I used to? Or will I just have to provide a URL to an external site from now on?

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