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    When buying technology for yourself, where do you tend to purchase them online? I’m looking for a listing of your favorite tech sites and also which country you live in. It would be nice if you could expound on why you prefer that place to others.

    I’ll kick things off. My number one site is Newegg.com. I like the prices, the shipping speed, the copious product reviews by regular users and also the product search feature. In fact, the latter is, IMO, the best online. I go there to find products and read reviews even if I might not actually purchase from Newegg. For instance, I needed some kind of simple mass storage device for a small office so I simply went to newegg and used their power search to find a storage device with the right capacity and interfaces and voila! I have a good number to choose from with my perfect specs.

    My second site is Amazon. With free supersaver shipping on items sold from Amazon as well as shipping locations in very convenient geographic places, I always get good prices and quick shipping. Their return policy is teh proverbial pwn. No questions asked full money back and they pay the shipping! //00t!!

    Third, Provantage is nice for prices and shipping is good, but that’s probably because I live in the same state as them. I tend to see them come up at the top of the Google Shopping lists for good prices.

    What are your faves?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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