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What do you hate about IT vendors?

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    Working on an article for the main Petri site that summarizes some of the things that system administrators hate about IT vendors. So far I’ve collected a few, namely:

    – Hardware vendor says you have a software problem, software vendor says you have a hardware problem
    – Promised after-sale support vanishes after you’ve purchased the product/service
    – Vendor sales staff sometimes unaware / unknowledgeable about vendor products, leading to broken promises and lots of heartache all around
    – Overly complex licensing agreements
    – you get the idea…

    No need to name vendors specifically here — names can be changed to protect the innocent — and I’m also seeing this article as presenting a cautionary tale when it comes to dealing with vendors, and could be useful for anyone reviewing IT vendor agreements.

    Feel free to post your comments here, or feel free to drop me an email — to jeff [@] — with your feedback/input.


    – Jeff

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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